Freddie and Bob make Prophecies



It's fortune telling time folks. And because of your computer and the wonders of technology you can see the fabled, foggy mists of time clear away there in your own home.

Welcome friends, to the mystical world of Freddie and Bob.

Please bear with us, and imagine eerie music playing in the background while the lights very gradually go dim.

Can you do that?


You'll enjoy it more if you try.

All right. Well done.

You hear the sonorous tones of an investment banker fill the air. . .

From: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2000
Subject: Prediction for 2001

Bob Minton: [for it is he]:

> The totaliarian political movement embodied in the Scientology organization we know today will no longer exists by the end of 2001.

> Furthermore, no one will miss it!

> Bob Minton




A deep sadness fills the room; a chill grips your heart; the sound of weeping women can be heard softly. All hope appears lost.





But now the lights start to rise slightly; the weeping stops; and you start to hear the even ~more~ sonorous tones of your old friend, the narrator, Freddie. Why, it starts to feel as if winter is over and spring is on its way.


Freddie T [for it is he]:

"No, that's not right Bob! 

Instead, the totalitarian political movement embodied in the LMT organization we know today will no longer exist by the end of 2001.

Furthermore, the only people who will miss it will be those left standing by their mailboxes, like so many Billy Bunters, waiting for postal orders that will never ever come. . ."

The lights come up fully. The colors in the room seem brighter. A choir of heavenly angels descends and starts to give Freddie a back rub (many giggles are heard). Bob Minton slinks back, defeated once more and vows to become a better man in the future. Santa Claus brings everyone presents. Mr. Tumnus is transformed by Freddie's touch, stops being a statue and becomes a delightful little faun again. A new golden age of tech begins.


That's all folks!

Show's over.

Thanks for coming.

See you again soon.




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