A Categorization of the Changes 


'To ensure the purity of the religion and its Scriptures, RTC supervised a massive five-year project to republish all of Mr. Hubbard's writings on Dianetics and Scientology. RTC ensured that the authenticity of each work was verified by comparing them word by word with his original manuscripts — only once RTC was satisfied that the works were accurate were they republished. RTC then helped see that archival editions of these materials were produced, thus ensuring the availability of the pure unadulterated writings of Mr. Hubbard to the coming generations. As part of this project, Mr. Hubbard's original tape-recorded lectures — most of them over three decades old — were restored using state-of-the-art technology, and then accurately transcribed. Even the translations of the Scripture are scrupulously checked for accuracy by RTC prior to any publication.'

Taken from the Religious Technology Center  website: http://www.rtc.org/intro/page02.htm

In the series of short articles that follow this introduction, I look at apparent changes to LRH's work. There are a number of  factors involved and I've categorized these to make them easier to understand and evaluate.

Doing this is something of a work in progress. I haven't figured out everything yet. However the subject area no longer seems such a puzzle to me. I think it's an interesting area to research and discuss, because anyone can get hold of the different editions and look for themselves.  

To help with future research I'd like to be able to ask questions to people with different editions of LRH's work. Get in touch if you'd like to help: trendail AT yahoo.com.  


Here's a link to the first article (on the subject of typos).

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