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C of A wrote:

>>> By 'The blind leading the blind', do RTC mean Hubbard?
>> No, of course not.
>> If I remember correctly, they were referring to the not uncommon
>> scenario wherein the coach of a drill, and even the supervisor of
>> the course, were unfamiliar with the kinds of situation that come
>> up in auditing sessions.

> Although I'm certainly no expert on policy (I thinks its mostly
> just...well,dull) may I refer you to HCOPL 16 April 65,'Drills-allowed'.

It's true that in April 1965 LRH was against the drilling of
processes. He ordered that auditors be trained with a strictly limited
set of training drills. Here are a couple of other references from the
same week:

'During the past few years, unbeknownst to me, a whole sphere of
action built up which made students drill processes. I swear, there
has been a "practical drill" made out of half the processes we have.

'The actual process is NEVER used as a drill. Because it is left

L. Ron Hubbard. HCO PL 17 MAY 1965. CCHS.

'Your Comm Course and Upper Indoc TRs and your meter drills from The
Book of E-Meter Drills are now the only drills permitted.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOB 18 April 1965. How To Apply Level Processing.

Seems clear enough.

However that was the situation as of April 1965.

It was before most of the Study Technology had been developed and
before many other changes in the training line up.

The training regimen was later substantially changed.

Only one year later the drilling of various procedures had again
become an integral part of Scientology training. You can see it being
mentioned as  normal practice in the following bulletin which came out
in April 1966:

'Due to the fantastic speed of results today it is not possible for a
student to get enough auditing experience using the standard tech of 0
to VI.

'To remedy this we use dolls for model session practice and learning
the processes.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOB 3 April 1966. Dianetic Auditing Course

It looks to me as though LRH changed his mind. Also, in April
1965 he was possibly referring to some very off-the-wall drills (now long
gone) that taught 'alter-is of easy processes.' (HCOPL 16 April 65 II,
Drills, Allowed)

Here are seven more post-1965 references I've found on the subject of

1. 'Now, you say, "Drills?" Well, yes. Actually, we are just packaging
up a drills course which has a drill for every auditing action -- the
wildest thing you ever saw in your life. It hasn't been piloted out to
amount to anything yet, but it's been done by experts. And that goes
right in the direction of your Cramming Section, regardless of whether
you taught a drills course.   ...   So the second-the Cramming Officer
can pick out from a whole pack of great big, long, thick pack of
drills -- he can pick the drills that the fellow has been flunking in
his auditing and make him drill those things ... '

L. Ron Hubbard. Lecture of 5 September 1971. A Talk On a Basic Qual.

2. 'The PTS RD as revised is very direct and powerful. ... Don't miss
on it with auditor flubs. Get it drilled thoroughly before it is

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOB 9 December 1971RA. Rev 21 Oct 1974. PTS Rundown.

3. 'When the auditor is in a fumbly state regarding the procedure and
has not drilled it until he could do it with the house caving in, the
preclear does not get good results.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCO B 9 May 1969RA. Rev 21 Sept 1978. Case Supervising
New Era Dianetics Folders.

4. 'Dianetic Training Drills 101, 102, 103 and 104. These have to do
with student auditors remembering their commands in session, making
him practiced in using commands while handling his meter and admin,
training him to use the right command in the right place according to
what the pc does and finally training him to use commands and handle
the session in spite of any and all distractions or reactions from a
pc. Obviously if a Dianetic auditor cannot do these things he cannot
run a Dianetic session.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCO B 24 January 1977. Tech Correction Round-Up.

5.  'A well-run course is where the student gets the theory. Through
Word Clearing, demos, drills and actual practical application of the
materials per his checksheet, the student is quickly gotten to a point
where he grasps the simplicity of the fundamentals of the level and
can apply them. '

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOB 26 February 1978. Interneships Vs Courses.

6. 'The student auditor must study and drill any of the above
processes or actions and their commands before he audits them.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOB 8 September 1978. Mini List of Grade 0-IV

7. 'If a student auditor or any tech terminal does not do a thorough
job of drilling the procedures he is to use, then it is a near
certainty he will make errors and end up in cramming. Therefore, not
to insist that students get drilled for blood on their courses and in
cramming, is to guarantee yourself an awful lot of out tech and extra
work in correcting it.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCO B 22 August 1981. Tech Cramming.


Drilling the procedures one is going to use isn't a new phenomenon in
Scientology training. Quite the contrary. Anyone who has studied in an
academy over the past thirty or so years should know that.

The difference now is that there are packs available which contain
collated LRH references about how to deal with the situations that can
come up during each particular auditing action.

The student learns and drills how to deal with each of those
situations. This gets around the problem of the student being trained
in how to audit a particular procedure by someone who has never done
it and hasn't got the foggiest idea about the existence of the
applicable references.

I know. I was that coach!

The GAT drills break down the auditing drills into their
constituent parts so that nothing gets missed. There's more
information in my essay (which now needs revising again) at this


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