My Responses to Various
Criticisms of Scientology



Scientology isn't an easy subject to discuss on bulletin boards.

It takes some effort to understand the subject and the way it has developed. It is generally only by applying the principles that someone will be able to get a sense of its real  worth. By taking information from internet sources a person can get overwhelmed with unevaluated material, falsehoods and outdated information. 

Some aspects of the subject are far better studied in sequence. On the internet there are individuals who take delight in prematurely revealing the advanced materials (which they often mix in with invented horrors). Now since the advanced levels are spiritual in nature, they are outside the realm of normal living. Even the straight information - and the level of certainty with which it's presented in Scientology - sounds strange to a reader who isn't familiar with the research path that it stems from. 

Scientology is best described as a spiritual philosophy. Used effectively it can remedy some of the problems that beset man (such as poor educational standards, penal abuses, and drug addiction). It is tied together with an organization, the Church of Scientology. They train and help people, correct things when necessary, and promote the subject internationally.

The Church is just now coming out of its difficult pioneer phase, and during this time it has had to operate under various kinds of stress. The many benefits that it can offer are not well understood by most people.

In these pages I'll explore some of the reasons for this and I'll address some of the common criticisms that I have encountered during my twenty years as a Scientologist.

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