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Here is an example of how a misunderstood word can cause trouble.

In the following posts you will see me clear up a definition with Konchok. His misunderstanding probably once caused him and his co-workers a lot of trouble.

If it hadn't been cleared up, then he would have continued asserting the same serious error. He would have complained, perhaps to his dying day, about what he firmly believed was a grave wrongness in Scientology.

Some former Scientologist critics are suffering from not having directly observed what is happening in the Church for many years. A number of the outrageous things that get mentioned on the internet were also spotted as being outrageous inside the church, and have been changed.

If this strikes a chord for anyone reading, I would recommend going to one of the big events.

Ask to see one of the Golden Age of Tech course packs. Talk to a long-term staff auditor about their experiences. Are they getting their enhancement time? How has the new tech line-up improved things? What changes in the Church have they noticed over the past two decades?

Do I think things are approaching perfect in the orgs?

No I don't. When I spend some time there I can always find something I disagree with.

Something off-policy,  a poor decision, an attitude I don't like . . .  But things are better than they were.

By God, they are.

This particular exchange started back in September 2000.

Someone had written an open letter addressed to reasonable Scientologists.

I answered.

Konchok Penday then tried (in his own inimitable fashion) to correct what he thought was a mistake.

His point?

That being reasonable is forbidden in Scientology by policy.

I initially thought that he was just being naughty...

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