Ross 1988


Here is the abstract of a 1988 study into the effects of Scientology:

'Ross (1988) investigated the effects of Scientology membership with a cross-sectional design, controlling for age, between length of time in Scientology and scores on a number of personality measures. Ross found those who had been in the movement longer had a significantly more favorable view of themselves.

'Ross also found long-term members had increased their sense of duty and ability to work conscientiously, increased their emphasis on organization and planning, increased their attempts to understand their own behavior or the behavior of others, increased their engagement in behaviors that provide material or emotional benefit to others, and increased their seeking and maintaining of personal friendships. Long-term members also decreased their solicitation of sympathy, affection, or emotional support from others. The greatest increase was in orientation toward duty and obligations. Significant correlations were also found with preference for continuity and old values, sympathetic manner and positive reaction for others, unpretentiousness and uncomplicated manner, and analytic and self-disciplined approach.

'Ross (1988) found no support for Scientology being a negative influence on personality, nor that entrants into Scientology are unusual with regard to their previous history. Claims that membership in Scientology leads to ego disintegration was not supported, with the scores of the participantís ego strength within the normal range. Results from the PIL (purpose in life) scale, which measures the extent to which individuals have a clear purpose in life, indicated that Scientologists scored significantly higher than members of conventional religious denominations or committed Christians did.' 

Ross, M. W. (1988). Effects of membership in Scientology on personality: An
exploratory study. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 27, 630-636.

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