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Subjective Realities 


On Feb 23, 2001 the following two pictures were anonymously posted with no comment to the newsgroup alt.binaries.scientology:




Anti-cult (Sten) wrote (Feb 23, 2001):

'Oh lock at this mafia gang. It's incredible....'

Fredric L. Rice wrote (Feb 24, 2001):

'What's with the little toy sailor suits?  Is it a homosexual fantasy?'

So I wrote (Feb 24, 2001): 

You know, some psychiatrists weren't so bad. Take Hermann Rorschach for

Where are you Herman? Why did you leave us?

Your skills are needed today.

; )

Freddie T


And then, in response to this follow up from Rice:

'Well, I don't think it takes a medical doctor to know and understand  the pathology behind these rather ridiculous individuals.'


The reason I referred to Dr. Rorschach was because he developed a test in which he showed people some inkblots. Depending on their personalities they saw different things. 

I was humorously suggesting that the impressions of the photographs gleaned by you and Sten reveal more about your own (self-reinforcing) prejudices than about the actual photographs.

Chris Leithiser (Feb 25, 2001): 'So there is no real meaning in the Sea Org's adoption of naval style uniforms?'

No, that's not it.

The point is that the ideas evoked in my mind by the two photographs were not those that came to the minds of Sten and Frederic Rice. 

Chris: '... are these toy sailors trying to convey some _message_ with their pretend campaign ribbons?'

I guess you don't believe in much of Scientology Chris, so the trappings of the organization appear 'toy' and 'pretend' to you.

But I think Scientology is a highly useful philosophy; I admire the staff for doing a difficult and necessary job in getting it delivered. Those trappings don't seem fake to me.

Chris: 'It would seem obvious that someone donning a uniform is trying to say _something_ to the public.'


I can think of a number of words. Its just that coming up with '1932 Nazi Germany', 'homosexual fantasy' and 'mafia gang' [the original terms used] would have been something of a strain.

Let me return to my original point. With my Rorschach joke I was humorously suggesting that the impressions gleaned by Frederic Rice and Sten revealed more about their own (self-reinforcing) prejudices than about the actual photographs.

Either that or they are working on a project to associate Scientology with negative images by repeating the same phrases over and over.

Or both.

Here is an old thread in which I went over some of my thinking on this.


It started like this:                               ---

From: "Rev Fredric L. Rice" 
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000
Subject: Re: Bob's moment of defeat

Freddie>> Good old Bob (my favorite straight man right now) comes through again with some great material.

Frederic Rice> Are you insane enough to want to murder him?  Is your hatred of Bob and his effort to stop your cult from killing others enough to make you want to kill him?

A guy called Bart then very sensibly pointed out that Rice was being ludicrous in the following message:

From: "Bart" <bigbart@my-deja.com>
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000
Subject: Re: Bob's moment of defeat

Freddie>>> Good old Bob (my favorite straightman right now) comes through again with some great material.

Fredric Rice>> Are you insane enough to want to murder him?  Is your hatred of Bob and his effort to stop your cult from killing others enough to make you want to kill him?

Bart: Just passing thru again...the 49ers are losing so why watch... can someone enlighten me as to how this Fred guy got to <murder> from this message?  Is there something I'm missing?  I've read a bunch of Bob Minton stuff, as well as his own postings, and he does seem a bit, er, over the top...like the kid whose big allowance keeps him in friends. Has made a lot of claims and accusations with nothing to validate.  Big hat no cattle.


Thanks Bart for posting this.

My own response to Rice (for the same message) was:

Fredric Rice of course is another very brave man. He's been working as an undercover agent for a long time now, doing his level best (which can be very good indeed) to discredit the critics.

He uses their own traits - failing to grasp what is really happening and a tendency to meanness - but then he stretches them beyond all credulity.

Good job Fred! Keep it up.

Note to OSA: a commendation for F. Rice for his post here please.


But of course that was just a joke (really it was!) and so I've been musing over what's really going on with him.

Here's my best guess right now:

I think he's been fighting against his own confused idea of what Scientology is for some years. I also suspect that a lot of his sense of self-worth comes from his belief that he is doing a really good thing by fighting such terrible people. The more ruthless and misguided he can believe them, the better he can feel about the (sometimes unpleasant) actions he's taken during his fight.

The worse he can paint the Church in his mind, the more he gets agreement from other critics' stories, the better he feels about himself.

A corollary is that if he comes across any idea which might indicate that he's ~not~ doing a good thing by fighting decent people who just want to be left to get on with their lives, he probably feels some cognitive dissonance and the need to reassert strongly just how wicked we all are.

That's why to most of the people reading this (I assume), Frederic Rice appears to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I have long thought that the critical rhetoric, being mainly - not completely - malicious nonsense probably affects them negatively far worse than it affects

My advice to Frederic?

Strangely, it isn't to give up the fight straight away. (!)

You know, because I'm right, he's wrong, etc, etc, yawn, yawn, yawn.

But Frederic, it might be a good idea to build up some solid accomplishments in another area of your life. At your job if that's possible; or in some useful charity work such as visiting old people and helping with their shopping or gardening. There are lots of possibilities depending on what you like doing.

Doing this would give you another source of pride quite in addition to your activism. I don't think it could do you any harm.

Then as you keep evaluating the situation, if one day, you do decide that the C of S and Scientologists aren't so bad after all - well it wouldn't be such a devastating idea.


So that's my best effort to puzzle out  F. Rice.



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