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The Paranormal in Scientology 


Here is a good definition of Para-Scientology:

'Para-Scientology is that large bin which includes all greater or lesser uncertainties. Here are the questionable things, the things of which the common normal observer cannot be sure with a little study. Here are theories, here are groups of data, even groups commonly accepted as "known."

'Some of the classified bodies of data which fall in Para-Scientology are: Dianetics, incidents on the "whole track," the immortality of Man, the existence of God, engrams containing pain and unconsciousness and yet all perception, prenatals, clears, character, and many other things which, even when closely and minutely observed, still are not certain things to those who observe them.

'Such things have relative truth. They have to some a high degree of reality; they have to others non-existence. They require a highly specialized system in order to observe them at all.'

L. Ron Hubbard. The Journal of Scientology. Issue 16-G. Ca. mid-June 1953.


Scientology as opposed to Para-Scientology

Here's a good explanation of the purpose of ~Scientology~:

'If you think for a moment that it is the purpose of Scientology to produce something intensely spectacular like a ghost that can move cigarette papers or mountains, you have definitely gotten the wrong idea. We are interested in well men, we are interested in people with well bodies who think straight and who co-operate on optimum solutions.
'We are not making magicians. There are a great many things which a thetan or the analytical mind can do, but all these, until you are certain of them, belong in the field of para-Scientology and are only interesting data.'

L. Ron Hubbard. Professional Auditor's Bulletin No. 2. Circa end of May 1953. 


On Demonstrating Paranormal Abilities

Someone called 'Not' asked me about this issue. It's one that comes up fairly regularly.  

Not: One of the more effective arguments by critics is to call upon these Operating Thetans to demonstrate the new powers they claim they have. (e.g. being able to leave their body and read a sign they have never seen before.) To date, nobody has been able to prove these super human abilities.

There are a number of points to consider:

First, it's important to understand that there is a difference between a stable and an unstable paranormal ability.

The former being far more difficult to attain. The latter being far more difficult to demonstrate. 

Second, the OT levels proper only ~start~ at OT8.

The preceding levels that follow the state of Clear are known as the Pre-OT levels.

LRH researched dozens of OT levels but only the first of these has been released.  There is currently a game going on to achieve the prerequisites for the release of the next set of levels.

Achieving a full understanding of the woof and warp of life is no easy task.

Luckily it's fun.

Third, I would refer you to the details of the Swann/Puthoff psychic experiments carried out during the 1970s.  

Finally, I would refer you to chapter five in a book called History of Man. LRH specifically warns Scientologists against demonstrations of paranormal abilities.

On Going Exterior to the Body

Not: If the thetan had this ability, and no longer needed the MEST universe,  I don't see how a MEST universe can attack it. Have you read "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein? I think you'd find some parallels there.

One could have the ability to be exterior but still remain vulnerable to attacks. Going OT is a long, gradient road.  In Stranger in a Strange Land (a truly wonderful book) the hero - who can exteriorize easily - does indeed get attacked.

In fact he gets stoned to death.

Scientology isn't an easy thing to do. Some things can be learned and applied fairly quickly. However there's an awful lot of material to get through; there are an awful lot of people who need training; and there are an awful lot of people who could do with a bit of auditing.

It's going to take time.

Having someone demonstrate that they have a stable paranormal ability (such as the ability to hold an exterior viewpoint with reasonably good perceptions) to the satisfaction of all and sundry would certainly cause a lot of interest in Scientology.

However, there is some argument about what would happen at that point. It would be nice to have more interest and respect from people, but I don't know that providing proof would provide a stable environment over time.

LRH thought it would worry people.

A relatively peaceful environment is needed if we want to get the subject into more general use. It's one of the elements that a person requires in order to confront the mental aspects that are holding him or her back, and also while they learn to improve their abilities.


So having stated that for various reasons the OT phenomena aren't going to be demonstrated on the chat shows any time soon, what do we have?

Well... we have the gains that people can experience by applying themselves to increasing their understanding of life. This was shown in an academic study by a psychiatrist called Ross.

His study results tie in nicely to the view of Scientology given by LRH in P.A.B. 2 above.

Ross tested Scientologists in various ways and compared their results to those of other groups. I've linked to the abstract of his study below. It makes a lot of sense and his findings tie in with my own observations:


Link to the Ross Abstract


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