Bad Intentions

Are the management trying to destroy the technology with these changes? I don't think so and I hope that I have made my case to some extent in the sections above.    

If they had wanted to destroy LRH's legacy they would not have published his many, many invaluable lectures from the 1950s. I also doubt they would have taken such care to improve the quality of presentation.   Most of the alterations are both insignificant and easily explained - such as on-policy updatings of books that were compilations by internal church units in the first place.

The only major change that has taken place as far as I can see is the introduction of the new Golden Age of Tech. This is a subject in itself, and I haven't  researched it fully yet.  I've never used it so I can't unreservedly recommend it. However it seems to me that it has a number of points in its favor:

1. The collections of LRH references about how to handle particular situations that come up in session seem to me to be fantastic resources.

I used to be a Course Supervisor and would often find myself digging out obscure references to clear up a particular point for a student. There may well have been ~better~ references that I didn't know about and never found. Course Supervisors in non-English speaking countries are in a far worse position. The course materials may be translated but there are often no translated versions of the books, the Tech Volumes or the lectures. How wonderful to have packs of references on how to deal with every situation.

2. The citations given in the drills are all to LRH materials. I have a copy of the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor pack here which has the GAT drills and each drill gives the book and page number in D:MSMH so that the student can look up the reference for himself/herself. The questions consult the students understanding and are 'real' situations (per the 'Coaching' bulletin).

4. In general I don't see GAT as being anything more than (a) the implementation of more rigorous checksheets and (b) the use of compilations of technical references. These can to some degree replace the hit and miss arcane knowledge of coaches and supervisors when it comes to common but tricky technical questions. I doubt the packs are perfect but I guess they are being improved as feedback is received.

5. My friends in the orgs like the new courses.


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