LRH gave an advanced course during the 1960s that covered a broad span of material. It is called the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, and is designated as Level VI.

Some of the lectures on that course concern the theory of study or basic auditing, and these were later used on lower level courses such as The Student Hat and the Academy Levels.

Mixed in with the relevant information for lower level students was information about the advanced procedures Ron was developing at that time. He spoke about the structure of aberration as it accumulates through a being's lifetimes; and about the techniques that he and his students were testing.

Very useful for the students on that course - and the information is all still there for SHSBC students today - but it was a puzzle to lower level students on The Student Hat course who had never done any metered auditing and may not have had the vaguest notion of previous lifetimes.

Therefore the advanced references were snipped out.

I don't think any supervisor relished clearing up the notion of R6, line plots, GPMs, Helatrobus Implants, end words and 3D Criss Cross on new students who were supposed to be swiftly learning how to study so that they could smoothly get through their basic auditor training and  into session.

It's true that the full versions of these tapes were used on The Student Hat course while LRH was alive, but it's difficult to know how closely he followed and approved of what was on the checksheets during the late 70s and 80s. There were never any LRH checksheets for the courses that I saw. Indeed it seems to be an aspect that he delegated:

'HCO issues the best material it has for the right targets and notes carefully any lack of results because of misapplication and retains the authority and control necessary to correct bad delivery under its justice hat as well as its certificate and awards hat.

'The formula is, "Issue the correct data properly, correct use when delivery is poor or non-existent.'

L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 4 March 65RA II, Rev 7 July 1983, Tech and Policy Distribution

I have found a number of references in which LRH speaks approvingly of using the correct data for the correct audience, and I believe that the editors are correct to remove data relating to upper level processes from the lower level courses.

The following reference was written before the release of The Student Hat and Academy levels but is still valid church policy on the subject:

All the lower level materials are in the HCOBs, Pol Ltrs or on tapes. All the GPM materials released are here waiting for the student when he reaches that level.

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOPL 16 April 1965. The "Hidden Data Line".

Here's another reference given by LRH to the staff about his materials:

'The reason there are so many types of orders is to separate publics. Tapes are often used to wrong publics than which intended and should be watched on this basis.'

L. Ron Hubbard. HCO PL 24 September 70RA. Rev. 3 July 77. Issues - Types of.

And here is a specific LRH advice on the subject of targeting Level VI data correctly. The following comes from a key policy in this area:

'Protecting names and repute may also involve selection of correct materials. ... Sending Level VI works to Level 0 people is easy to see and intercept. But an instructor teaching Level VI to Level II students is not always found until somebody blows. This comes under protecting names and repute as well as properly targeted tech because the recipients can't understand it and so may think it's silly.'

L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 4 March 65RA II, Rev 7 July 1983, Tech and Policy Distribution

So what we are looking at (in my opinion), is not the ~suppression~ of useful technology but the ~targeting~ of technology to the publics that need it. What I don't see in the complaints about this area is an acknowledgement that the SHSBC lecture tapes still contain the upper level material. 

Here is the 1964 definition of Scientology Library and Research Ltd.:

This body: "has the purpose of collecting, safeguarding and preserving all Scn. materials, and while safeguarding the originals, compiling from such new work and preparing it for direct dissemination as on tapes or designing or printing as in the case of written work. It is a full intention that SLR shall provide a flood of new publications and compilations to assist the dissemination of Scn."

L. Ron Hubbard. HCOPL 24 Jan 64, Scientology Library and Research Ltd.

 Some people do need all the information, and therefore many previously confidential bulletins about upper level GPM type procedures were added to the 1991 edition of the Tech Volumes. This was of great help to a C/S I spoke to. He had been trying to work out what auditing actions a preclear had been given some decades before. She had mentioned a type of listing action done during the sixties that he couldn't initially understand. He traced this down to a procedure laid out in those recently released materials.

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