Important Note for Scientologists


This is a web site which goes over various kinds of anti-Scientology criticism.

I started coming across this kind of material on the internet nearly 10 years ago now. I find it quite interesting, but also, of course, somewhat irritating. I've therefore decided to maintain this web site that gives my perspective on some of the stuff I come across.

It's quite possible that you would be best advised not to bother reading the pages within.

Or perhaps you should only select the pages you need. 

Although the criticisms turn out to be mostly nonsensical, and although I rebut them, many of the accusations are still unpleasant. There are viewpoints that might be upsetting.

There are no confidential materials on my website, but if you start reading critical materials on the internet you'll very soon come across some. This can be problematic because any Scientologist will have an easier time receiving services in the church if he or she hasn't been prematurely exposed to the upper-level materials.

Ideally one should be able to get auditing from an auditor of a comparable case-level, and one can usefully co-audit up the Bridge. It's a cheaper route than buying professional auditing.

However, if you have read many details of the OT levels on the net, you are probably going to need auditing by someone who has already done those levels.  Such auditors are rarer and usually more expensive.

I'm not currently on lines (although I buy materials, donate at  events, and strongly support the church). I have an interest in the history of Scientology and in its sociological aspects. Sometimes I read through critical texts. When I come across confidential materials that I don't want to read I simply skip over those sections as best I can.

This is not a perfect solution...

However, for me, I find it better than avoiding swathes of data simply because an anti-Scientologist might have inserted parts of our advanced levels into the mix.

I don't want to encourage other Scientologists to get involved with reading material that might contain confidential data. This is a far more serious problem than another issue which is that it can take a lot of time and effort to get to the bottom of a rumour, and it can be very distracting.

Almost all of my Scientology friends have decided to ignore the on-line entheta. They are busy with their lives and just aren't that interested.  

If you choose to read on-line unmoderated bulletin boards, you should think about the potential liabilities. There are more than I have mentioned here.

If you have a specific question about any rumors that you've read and find upsetting, you can e-mail me and I may be able to help. 

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