The following link leads to Bernie's examination of the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. 

It's a very well-made website that documents many abuses by anti-Scientologists.

Bernie has assisted me in setting up this website and has often helped me with technical problems.

However, he takes a middle-of-the-road position, and there are aspects of his site with which I think most Scientologists would have problems.

1. He has sections which contain posts made by individuals who have been formally expelled.

2. A few posts that he quotes mention aspects of the upper levels. Ron Hubbard thought that these were better addressed in sequence - after an individual had reached a certain point on the Bridge. If one reads the information prematurely it can, at the very least, add time and expense to one's progression in Scientology.

Usually one can co-audit up the Bridge with another student. This is far cheaper than buying professional auditing.

However, if someone has read many details of the OT levels on the net, they are probably going to need auditing by someone who has already done the advanced levels.  Such auditors are rarer and generally more expensive.

Therefore I strongly advise caution to anyone who feels that they might wish to do Scientology services in the future.

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